Design Club

Design Club is for students who wish to understand how to engage with and apply design thinking and innovation into their careers and lives. We’re here for the left-brain and right-brain thinkers: those whose interests lie at the intersection of business and creativity.

What we do

Career The Design Club hosts several career-related events, including:
Treks. Travel with the Design Club to visit design-focused businesses at their offices and meet with company executives to learn more
Office Visits. Visit local firms, including design firms, innovation studios, and other companies with design-related opportunities
Panels. Lean more about careers in design from student experiences
Innovation Challenges. Compete in innovation or design challenges hosted by the Design Club in partnership with companies and recruiting partners


Photography club

Objective of the Club: The mission of the photography Club is to provide a supportive environment for interested photography students to share their creativity; knowledge and passion for photography while attending the all inter university events. The club will be held regular meeting and discussions and organize events such as Photo session, Event Shoot and exhibition etc. The members will also explore the possible opportunities for photography projects in collaboration peer to peer portfolio reviews and explores the possibilities of field trio and museum or gallery visit.


Sports club

The Department of Physical Education in Vedavyasa college of architecture is promoting Physical Education and sports on par with regular academics. The Institution has well recognized the value of sports and physical activities as a means of developing personality promoting social harmony and discipline. The Department provides ample opportunity to the students to utilize their leisure time with physical activities to reduce their stress and inculcate a lifetime physical activity behavior in their day-to-day education system.

Physical fitness is not only the most important key to a healthy body but also the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual abilities. We encourage mass participation towards physical activities, which enhance the overall cognitive abilities of the students.

The Department of Physical Education is monitoring the sports activities of students as well as staffs. Our Sports department desires to prepare all the Sports events to enable participation for all Inter Collegiate Tournaments.

Director in charge - Sarath (Asst.Director PE)